Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Impulsion" Storyboards

Here are some storyboard sketches I completed for the short film 'Impulsion'. It's the murder sequence that begins the film. The first image reads as two columns beginning with the rectangle at the upper left. The shots are as follows: (Wide Shots), a street at night, a shadow creeps across the screen, it's a woman walking alone, she turns the corner to go up the stairs, (Medium Close Up) she carries some groceries and we can see a grapefruit, we track her footsteps and she hurries home....Various closeups of her putting the key in the door, hanging up her coat, latching the door closed, removing grapefruit from bag and pressing button on her answering machine... She notices the open window... Then closeups of a flash of a knife, her terrified look as she gets stabbed, and finally the grapefruit falls off the counter and rolls onto the floor as we hear her struggle end and her body fall.

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