Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Short Illustration Flick

I put together a compilation of illustrations, ready for viewing in this short film.

If film does not display properly, double-click through and watch it on YouTube site.

Spectrum FCU Music Video

Spectrum FCU Employee Appreciation Week: I wrote, directed, produced, and edited this music video for Spectrum FCU. It's purpose was to show appreciation for all employees by writing lyrics mentioning all employees by their first names - then have the senior team of the company sing and star in their music video. The actual shoot was over a two-day period, guerilla-style, approximately 3-4 hrs. per day. It was received well by the company. NOTE: These are not professional singers/actors and I understand it's a little 'pitchy' - but still fun! (NOTE: To avoid low-res and incomplete imaging, double-click image below and play thru YouTube site; be sure to select 'HQ' for hi-res playback.)