Friday, September 26, 2008

Burning Man 2008 p. 1

Keeping a sketch journal at Burning Man can be a challenge. The heat will dry up your fountain pen in a New york minute so using a felt tip pen (permanent ink if doing a watercolor) is mandatory. I used a Penstix no. 3013-EEF 0.3mm that I purchased at Blick Art Materials on Van Ness in SF. Plus with the occasional dust storm, the gypsum can gum your watercolor pans.

The sketch is of the man. The theme for this year was the American Dream. The design shows the man on top of an obelisk which displayed images of flags of different nations. Participants were encouraged to climb the interior staircase and survey the different views of Black Rock City. I think the man stood over 80 feet high from head to the bottom of the obelisk.