Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Crosses" Storyboards

These are some storyboard sketches I created for a few sequences in a short film called "The Crosses".

The film begins with some wide shots of San Rafael at night - first from a distance, then closer in (but still wide) of rooftops. Ahh.. upscale suburbia! Wide shot (using jib or crane) as an Audi pulls into the long driveway leading up to the mansion. Insert from driver's POV as we see the Toyota car already parked in front of the house. WS of mansion as car finishes parking. MCU as driver's door opens, legs swing out of the car and we jib up following Sharon, as she exits car. She calls after her daughter Nicole as we dolly back, Sharon enters kitchen, puts down her bag. POV over-the-shoulder of Sharon as she hears the pool party and exits the kitchen to the pool. WS as Sharon sees couples making out in the hot tub and pool (MCU inserts). WS reverse angle showing Sharon as she leaves to go back inside.

Meanwhile, (MS) Nicole and her boyfriend are making out in the bathroom. MCU as Sharon opens door. MS of Nicole and boyfriend separate revealing boyfriend's aroused state. Embarrassed, MCU of boyfriend's hands covering himself as he turns to face Sharon. Finally, a wide shot revealing the entire situation.

The last very short sequence is represented in the last six panels. First we see (MCU) Nicole answer the door and greet Frank. An over-the-shoulder MCU of Nicole as they converse. MCU of Martin and Sharon as they go to greet Frank with Sharon leaving the frame as camera moves back to capture Martin's reaction. Wider shot as Sharon greets Frank with Nicole reacting. Martin rushes in to greet Frank. Finally a wide shot from above showing all four at the door, with Nicole moving slightly away to survey the scene.

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